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AOC Gaming AG251FZ2E 25" Monitor 240Hz 0.5ms

SKU 10331468
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Ultra-fast 240Hz Esports monitor with 0.5ms response time, Freesync Premium and six game modes presets
The AGON AG251FZ2E provides an extra smooth gaming experience in every situation in-game with lightning fast 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response time and FreeSync Premium.

E-sports flat base
No matter what genre you are competing in, it is important that you have enough free space for your peripherals. With the flat base of the AGON AG251FZ2E, your keyboard will no longer bump into your monitor stand when you accidentally push it forward while giving super-fast inputs. You can also store your keyboard under your display within seconds and create more space on your desk.

A pixel response time of 0.5 ms means speed without the smear for an enhanced experience. Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without the effects of ghosting.


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