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European To Uk Plug Adaptor, 2 Pin To 3 Pin Eu To Uk adapter , White Uk Plug Adaptor

SKU 11486
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Product Details
  • Eu Adapter Plug - Our eu to uk plug adapter has 13A fuse , max power 3250 W, it can be used as a shaving plug adapter, with tablets, electric toothbrushes, and more.
  • Compatibility - This Eu Plug Adapter To Uk is compatible with Type C,E and F plugs from( Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) to UK.
  • Child Protection - Our euro to uk plug adaptor is children friendly, The safety shutters make our uk adapter very safe for kids and prevents them from getting electrocuted.
  • Sleek Design - Our 2 prong plug adapter uk has beautiful and compact design, This travel adapter eu to uk takes very less space, ideal for frequent travelers.
  • Caution - Our converter plug eu to uk doesn't converts power, We encourage our customers to check the rated voltage and specifications of there devices before using our plug adaptor.
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