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Wrist-Rest Mouse Pad

SKU 0Z30288
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Wrist Gel Support Pad and Mouse Mat, Black, 241 × 203 × 40 mm, non slip base, Lifetime Warranty, Card Retail Packaging - Wrist-Rest Gel Mouse Mat/Pad, 241 × 203 × 40 mm, non slip base, Black, Lifetime Warranty, Card Retail Packaging

If you use a mouse with your computer, the Manhattan Wrist-Rest Mouse Pad provides the comfort you need to work and play better. The pad's soft raised surface uses a gel material to support your wrist and prevent fatigue. Its non-slip base keeps it in place on your desk. And the pad itself protects your desk's surface so you don't scratch its finish as you move the mouse where you need it. The Manhattan Wrist-Rest Mouse Pad helps you keep working at any computer task and makes any game more enjoyable.

  • Soft wrist support feels like gel
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Combats fatigue
  • Non-slip bas
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