[Remote Support]

When users call the support helpdesk for remote assistance, they are able to share their screen with the help desk technician. This connection is done via an internet connection and is completely private and secure.

PC Users – click here. PC Support .

Mac users – click here – Sevcomssupport

Remote support is covered by a contract or as a pay per go service.

Our Onsite Engineers understand that technical support has to be delivered in a non-technical way, simple, efficient and explained in a way you understand.

[Rapid Response Technicians Onsite] 
On-site technicians are available to visit your Home to resolve computer problems. These technicians are also available at short notice with priority given to our Contact customers. All computer parts and loan equipment that are used to effect the computer repair will be charged on a time and materials basis.

[Standard Contact Support Service]

We provide the following fast response services included with Maintenance:-
• Telephone support line
• Bi-Annual maintenance Visit

• Remote sharing of your screen with our helpdesk technicians
• Reduced rate charges for rapid-response technicians on your site

[Telephone Support Line]

Our user friendly Contract Support Service has a team of dedicated technical support staff with specific computer support roles including the general areas of computer hardware, systems software, networks and communications.

[Bi-Annual Maintenance Visit]

Many computer problems develop over a period or time, or are known to users as an annoyance. Left unchecked these problems will linger until they interfere with a critical deadline. The cost of repairing the problem under these circumstances can outweigh the scale of the problem as lost work or missed deadlines bring their own penalties. A maintenance visit gives the opportunity to review and service the systems in place to reduce the likelihood of these problems reaching a critical stage.