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Extend the life of your PC

Regular maintenance will help your PC run at its best, saving you time and money, and extend the life of your IT equipment.

Onsite Services

Maintain and secure

Book an onsite service with friendly engineers to ensure you machine is running at its best and you are keeping it all secure.

Apple Imacs and Macbooks

Suffering from slow speed, lost space or full drive? Or just want to know your mac is secure and your backup is running?

Windows PCs & Laptops

 We check inside and out, to make sure your PC/ Laptop is clean and running at its best and answer any of your questions.

Why book a maintenance visit?

Your IT equipment is often the unsung hero, a vital part of our daily life, without giving it a second thought.

Did you know that regular maintenenace will extend the life of your equipmenmt and often help with nagging problems  – as well as your sanity!

5 Reasons Why Maintanance Is Important

  1. Early Detection of issues –
            Catch your problems while they are small before they lead to disaster!
  2. Prevention Against Viruses and Malware –
            Check you security is up to date, and your not paying over the odds.
  3. Speed Up Your Computer –
            Over time your computer clogs up, heats up and slows down.
  4. Maximize you Efficiency –
            Clean out those issues and keep your software updated.
  5. Prevent Data Loss –
            Check your hard drive health and ensure you are backed up.


Book our Xpert Service

Hardware Check

Computer Temperatures
Reliabilty Check
Hard Drive Check
Internal Clean
Stress Test
Defrag / Optimise Check

PC Check

Check Performance
Apple / Windows Updates
Drivers Update
Software Updates
Startup Programs
System Files

Security Check

AV Security Status
Software Versions
Malware Scan
Junk Software Removal
Email Security
Password Check

Backup Check

Hard Drive Health
Data File Locations
Backup Procedure
Email Backup
Ransomware Vulnerability

secure your pc today

Call our office on 01732 466666 or email to book an onsite service, and give your machine a treat!