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This sample website shows a “One Page” website, where your products and services can be viewed by scrolling down the page.

This gives a new ease of use that looks great on a mobile, a must for websites

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Web Design and Hosting

With a picture saying 1,000 words our ‘One page’ websites give a quality feel, with clear and concise information. We can take you from initial design & build, to fully hosted and maintained on our secure platforms.

Email & Office 365

Scaleable email services from one user to 100. Enterprise level services scaled for small business, to give you a full featured email service, addon Spam-filtering, Archiving, Office 365, or just a budget single user account.

Domain Registration & Hosting

We can register a domain to promote your latest product or service, to give your campaign that extra edge. We offer complete managemament of your existing domain so help is always at the end of the phone.

Affordable Plans for Any Budget

Take the lead, with a clear, concise website.

Tell Your Story With More than Words

With a picture saying  1,000 words this neat ‘One page’ site gives a quality feel, with clear and concise information.

Manage & Sell With Ease

‘Live’ data allows an interactive feel to the website and keeps customers informed of progress

Take Your Project to the Next Level

This sample website shows a “One Page” website, where your products and services can be viewed by scrolling down the page.

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Happy Subscribers

Quote testimonials are the most popular form of testimonials. They’ve been used for at least a century, and are extremely versatile.

As the name suggests, these are testimonials simply pull a quote directly from a customer.

Customer Testimanials

Quote testimonial, Gives customer feedback

With the popularity of social media, getting customer testimonials is extremely convenient.

No one questions the authenticity of these screenshot testimonials. Many of these social media posts are public, so if someone wants to check it out for themselves, they can usually do so.

Social Media Reviews

Linked In, Facebook

Case studies can also serve as customer testimonials when you take small sections of them.

For instance, you could take a full-blown case study and break it down into brief, digestible tidbits. Then, showcase this tidbit as a testimonial.

Case Study

Linking back, to the full article

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