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Citadel Skulls


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You may have noticed a common theme amongst models and scenery pieces from the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar ranges – skulls. They’re everywhere, decorating the walls of Khornate keeps and hanging from the belts of fearsome warriors. But we don’t think there are enough skulls out there…

Enter the Citadel Skulls. This is a box of 340 (yes, three hundred and forty!) plastic skulls, designed for the hobbyist to decorate scenery, bases and models as they see fit. There are even 20 extra jawbones!

Here’s a breakdown of the number and type of the 340 (!) skulls in the box:

– 82 human skulls with jawbones;

– 86 human skulls without jawbones;

– 15 human jawbones;

– 60 assorted damaged human skulls;

– 2 giants’ skulls;

– 1 Morghast skull (in 2 components);

– 1 beast skull (in 2 components);

– 4 small horned skulls;

– 4 medium horned skulls;

– 3 large horned skulls;

– 7 bird skulls;

– 2 Chaos beast skulls;

– 6 plaguebearer skulls;

– 6 Bloodletter skulls;

– 10 T’au skulls;

– 5 Kroot skulls;

– 6 alien skulls;

– 21 Genestealer Hybrid skulls;

– 20 Ork skulls without jaws;

– 5 Ork jawbones;

– 7 Ork skulls with jaws open;

– 7 Ork skulls with jaws.

– as well as 15 human jawbones;

– 5 Ork jawbones.




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