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Darkoath: A Gunnar Brand Novel (Hardback)


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Pre-orders now! Released 08/06/2024

A Gunnar Brand Novel

Gunnar Brand and his people are survivors. Enduring the predations of madmen, monsters, and the gods themselves, the Brands have earned survival through grit and fortitude, each fell deed they perform bringing the blessings of the Dark Gods.


Explore the struggles of a Darkoath Chieftain desperately trying to balance the survival of his tribe, his own ambitions, and the will of the Dark Gods.


When calamity befalls their home, Gunnar Brand must step up to lead his tribe, embarking on a grim and perilous exodus through a Realm of Fire ravaged by war.

Haunted by an unfulfilled oath, his duties as chieftain soon conflict with his deep-rooted sense of destiny, and he discovers that the attentions of the Dark Gods are not so easily ignored.

Even now they whisper to him, for they know the road Gunnar Brand travels, and call his exodus by another name: the Path to Glory.

Written by Chris Thursten



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