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Combat Patrol: Orks


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Warhammer 40,000, a captivating sci-fi tabletop game by Games Workshop, immerses players in a sprawling universe of eternal war.

Set in the 41st millennium, this epic saga transports you to a future where the galaxy is a grim and brutal battlefield. Across the vast expanse of the cosmos, ancient races clash, and sinister forces vie for supremacy.

Will you align with the mighty Space Marines, the stalwart Astra Militarum, or the insidious forces of Chaos? From Xenos races like the Eldar and Orks to the inscrutable Necrons and Tyranids, the choices are as diverse as they are deadly.

Prepare for epic clashes, tactical warfare, and a narrative-driven experience that will push your strategic acumen to its limits. Enter the darkness, and decide the fate of the 41st millennium.

Orks are an extremely aggressive, crude and war-loving race of green-skinned Xenos. Each Ork is a huge hulking creature that stands a full head and shoulders above standard humans, their bodies incredibly tough and muscular and able to withstand wounds that would fell a lesser being.

Thriving on chaos and conflict they will fight any and all challengers who stand before them, whether it be the Space Marines, T’au Empire, Eldar or most commonly other Ork clans. Orks are one of the most numerous races in the entire galaxy – possibly outnumbering all of the other races combined. It is theorised that should the Orks stop fighting each other and unite, they would undoubtedly crush all opposition.

Here comes Morgrim’s Butchas, a snarling bunch of Beast Snagga Orks! This Combat Patrol packs a punch with a massive Beastboss leading the charge, backed up by 20 snarlin’ Beast Snagga Boyz and four squig-riding nutjobs. Get ready for Waaagh!


  • 1x Beastboss
  • 4x Squighog Boyz, accompanied by 1x Bomb Squig
  • 20x Beast Snagga Boyz
  • Bases



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