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Chaos Space Marine Guide


Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each unit:

Every unit in the Chaos Space Marines army has unique abilities and strengths that make them effective in certain situations. For example, a unit of Chaos Space Marine Terminators is heavily armored and can deal a lot of damage in close combat, but they move slowly and are vulnerable to ranged attacks. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses can help you deploy your units effectively and choose the right targets for them.

Form a balanced army:

A well-rounded army that includes a mix of units, such as heavy infantry, fast attack units, and ranged support, is essential for success on the battlefield. Consider the terrain and objectives on the board, and plan your army composition accordingly.

Use cover and terrain to your advantage:

Chaos Space Marines are often at their best when they can close in on the enemy and engage in close combat. Use terrain features like walls, ruins, and buildings to provide cover and create chokepoints that force your enemy to engage on your terms.

Coordinate your attacks:

Chaos Space Marines have access to a wide range of special abilities, such as psychic powers and stratagems, that can be used to devastating effect when coordinated with other units. Use these abilities to set up combo attacks that catch your opponent off guard.


Remember, effective use of units in Chaos Space Marines (or any other army) requires careful planning, tactical flexibility, and good communication with your teammates.