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What Paints to use for Ivya Volga the Blood Knight

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Ivya Volga one of the elite Vampire Blood Knights, is clad in heavy armor and armed with vicious weapons. Blood Knights are feared on the battlefield for their skill and ferocity in combat.

A Fearsome Blood Knight

Ivya Volga is a particularly fearsome Blood Knight, known for her exceptional skill with the lance and her relentless pursuit of her enemies. She is also a skilled commander, and her strategic mind has won her many battles and earned her the respect of her fellow Blood Knights.

A Master of Both Offense and Defense

In battle, Ivya Volga charges fearlessly into the fray, her lance striking true as she cleaves through enemy ranks. She is a master of both offense and defense, able to deflect enemy attacks with ease while also dealing devastating blows to her opponents. Her bloodlust is legendary, and she revels in the chaos and carnage of battle.

Paints To Consider

To paint Ivya Volga, we suggest using the following paints from the Citadel range:

  • Abaddon Black (for the armor and weapons)
  • Mephiston Red (for the cape)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (for highlighting the cape)
  • White Scar (for the skull on the helmet and the edges of the armor)
  • Leadbelcher (for the metal areas)
  • Retributor Armour (for the gold details)
  • Gehenna’s Gold (for highlighting the gold)
  • Rakarth Flesh (for the bones)
  • Agrax Earthshade (for shading the entire model)
  • Nuln Oil (for shading the metal areas)

You can always customize the colours to your liking or to fit the rest of your army’s colour scheme. Make sure to also use a primer before painting to help the paint adhere to the model better.

A Force To Be Reckoned

Overall, Ivya Volga is a formidable opponent and a powerful ally for any Soulblight Gravelords army. Her skill and courage make her a natural leader, and her ferocity in battle inspires fear in all who face her. Whether charging into the thick of the fight or marshaling her forces from the back lines, Ivya Volga is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.